Thursday, October 31, 2013


Veneration of Satan and devil worship is on a good day the psychic spasm of aspirants and regrettably the residue of such episodic spirituality is never pandemic. We can both implicate and salute dualism as the nucleus of Satanism. The prototype of dualism is commonly attributed to Zoroastrianism (550 BCE). The Zoroastrian Ahura Mazda is alleged an undying architect of everything which is right. Transgression of Mazda's system is the product of druj (non-creation). Humans retain free-will within said system. Humankind may cooperate in living their lives for the uncreated Ahura Mazda or conversely offer druj control. Druj is an Avestan feminine noun defined as "lie", the term is an opposition to the concept of Asha (truth, existence, right working). With this in mind we may detect the dualist occurrence of true and false. Not by design, truth in Zoroastrian context is associated with fire. As wise as this ancient ideal equating fire with judgement is, the theory fails to address a preexistent flame (druj) which in truth may be termed a falsity.

Pure Satanism is at best rare and worse too difficult for satanists to embrace. Contemporary Satanism suffers a white-light gentrification. History has proven whimsical evil-doers are likened to the wiccan bacchanalia of magick which to be sure is nothing more than an affair of the natural world. The historic evocation of Satan as mechanical to witchcraft is not empirical. Direct ritual contact with Satan is doctrinaire and canonically de rigueur to Goetic tradition. Witchcraft in this light has done more to portray Satan as an otherworldly automobile salesperson than supernal sovereign. Extant, verifiable and well-founded Satanic Orders are bantam, amorphous and slovenly. This distinct vacancy of spiritual inclination is not the result of oppression, the sciolism is evidence the majority of satanists serve naiveté.


Azazel has occupied realms before all mortals. Among the Sons of Darkness while blessing earth with their presence, he manifested to ready humankind and set apart his hallowed people from the clay known as humanity. What began as an esoteric oral transmission, is now written. To the uninvited, the religious outlander - inspection is doomed.

Not for us, but for Azazel, for he did multiply. The children of angels are the Þurs, and they would not let all their proven ones be neglected. We have not been cast down; you have strength. This is the secret of Azazel, which includes the male and female of defilement.

Azazel is antiquity, is now, and will be forever an influence upon every living being, a pharos to those who know or desire mastery. Certitude is the mark of this cosmic entity and he will appear to those who trust and beckon him. Throughout the abyss and every quadrant of emptiness his presence is administered. His concern is evil for humanity does not comprehend evil according to devotion. Every æon is given a Marquis, this current is his admonition. All spawn shift with the Master of Earth and hereby the wheel turns to expedite the continuum of this world's viceroys.

Azazel permits gain in view of unbiased dignity which essential endowment is inclined unto. Those opposed cradle remorse and to an end lament. The identified gods must not molest this Other Work: regardless of its form - summum malum. The conventional doctrine of scribes, prophets and adherents is erring evermore. The respective canons exist to obscure and abolish one another. True and false are determined individual in the moment each must manifest. The implementation of vows is confidence at rule and the quickening of an oath's operation. Disavowal is tendered by the venom of Earth's Marquis. The pansophical evolution of Other Work perpetually materializes within auspicious planes of time and space. The knowledge is intended solely for magi whose free-will welcomes learning, and in perpetuum imbues devotees with the bliss of attainments. The seed of adamah will experience redress owing to the family of man's bereavement, an extirpated knowledge never to govern a macrocosm or abyss.

The compassion, comfort and assumption of Earth's lineage is not required nor honored, conversely tribes of the world are not depraved their peculiar definition of that which is good. The worldly rationale of good affirms a metaphysical consequence which does not differ from the joy adepts reach through other working. Command and reign of earth is the auspice of proven adepts, as vessels of a greater will and chaos accord the architecture, form and character of faith in evil and its celestial directorate. Chaos is reward and chaos is punishment, leaves barren and demonstrates bounty; complementing each prosperity is a quantum horror, translated as domain and division. The cosmogenic occurrence of unconditional lex talionis as instrument to assault the world's viceroys is blameworthy, conquest and disorder hunt those who venture petulant justice. Proven adepts do not perish as animals, for suffering is a human dwelling. The vengeance brought upon any nemesis of this discipline is a rejoinder and spiritual metempsychosis in consonance with universal law.

The paradigm devoid of creed is Azazel. He endows a path found in wraithlike rubric to comrades and the oath beholden, barring woe trained throughout relative time. The Sons of Darkness defer to laws which eclipse Earth, laws enforced elsewhere. The seed of adamah are heedless and lack deterministic wisdom, a germ bolstering fault. With the absence of creed comes oversight of creatures dwelling the land, firmament and seas. The array of mineral wealth and its mysteries are also overseen as imminent bequest. Symbolic awe ripens in an auspicious moment for all who maintain a covenant.

The hostility of antagonists and spiritual vagrants invites anguish to its bearer. They are imperceptive as regards the control of strength and treasure, regardless of any worth found in adamah. The planetary regimen, circuit of ages and reclamation of viceroys is under permanent authority. Journey inculpably upon this path or be dismissed to return as lesser beings. Four seasons, four elements; these are guaranteed to all beasts bound by oath. The doctrine of discarnate outsiders is tolerated insomuch as they refrain from assailing fiat and acknowledge this extramundane control; earthly doctrine is distorted and fraudulent.

Three beliefs are opposed to Azazel, three justify hatred. Maintain these runes and vows are attained. Devotees who bear cataclysm upon the path are indemnified within the realm they inhabit. Votaries symmetrical should note unanimity in the spirit and honor of their enemy and aggressor. O’ ye who uphold behest, rebuke the contra-esoterica. Do not utter his name or facets negligently as a meddler dispossessed of knowledge.

The color of five elements’ bile is the method of death and consumption. The decrepit carrion is a garment, clay in transit to return from whence spilt. Corpse - bones, flesh, nerves, veins, skin; she is the bastille Azazel enters. Man’s scream is heard in Palmyra by sun and moon, the two flames. Man’s scream is deadened beneath an elemental tone, the trees and creatures. . .

Glorify his symbol and image, to remind oneself of life’s neglect.
O’ Earth obey the servants of Azazel,
their communique and knowledge of the unseen.

O’ Black wind, O’ blackened wind!
Avadhuta alone, Dattatreya yourself!
We are hungry, Maha Tara,
Behead the brahmin, Kala Bhairava!
Kala Maha rasa, elephant-skinner
shoulder snake and sacred thread.
O’ wisest amongst the Þurs,
I am a vassal of the Blæc Elder,
Lord of the graves - the moon.

 Yea, in heart we work iniquity; measure out in the earth the violence of our hands.
Malevolent and estranged from the womb; orators of lies from birth gone to and fro.
Our venom is like the venom of a serpent; we are like the deaf asp which stoppeth her ear;
Which hearkeneth not to the voice of magi, or the most cunning binder of spells.
Niknikin stoic, brandish the rod which showers coals and fire. A serpent’s eyes,
claws of shole, culters nam ungues, no worldly name honors Niknikin.
Eyes as deep chalice, hands of lead, your grip unforgiving as the sickle amid harvest.
Niknikin your justice true, eyes darkened mendicant, hair an obsidian silk.
May all devout fathom the face of evil.


A will to discern is the husk enveloping absolute truth,
False not misconstrued with truth, male and female within you.
The apodict of legacy is flux self-arising primordial awareness;
Afore life it was sworn unified within as it is now.
The aggregate universe is ruled by disorder,
Every abode from the roof of the world to arid wastelands,
Creation is the hassock of chaos.
The scope of entropy is preexistent.
The truth is told now in our epoch.
Judgement and venom leading, pandæmonium reigning Earth.
Humankind, a clay is willed to exalt astavyastata.
Come to kiss the cheek of din under foot.
We have granted the cosmos its breadth.
And we wretched at Earth’s formation,
And we a dark lineage are one and only.
And we divulge all essence.
For we are they whom the horrid legends seek.
For we are lords who bury the peaks.
And we are they whom all clay pursues.
To obey and kiss the cheek of judgement.
Our dark lineage emanates a cherished elixir from incunabulum,
By our existence; initiating devotees to the chaos.
And the darkness of dawn is bright.
We direct those whom invite direction.
We forced the first being to roam Paradise,
And led Nimrod to sculpt fire.
And we counseled Candide,
And showed him this passage and process.
And to all species
We offer our reason and largess.
Mindstream realized, we have entered every sphere,
And evil and enmity advance from our disdain.
And we prove every soul the terror of our reason,
And every soul multiplies the potency and nobility of our abomination.
And we ride the futile lion quirting with snakes of nine tails,
Enraged, we howl accusing him as his conquest turns to ore.
We are those to whom the vipers heed,
And by our passion we blow aside the dirt.
And we have pummeled the rock for it to shudder,
And caused to rush from it crimson tributaries.
And we have set forth the concrete rigor.
From us the codex which disturbeth the righteous.
And we cultivate wisdom rightly;
And we resolve by cosmogenic rite.
And we revitalize the rivers flowing always,
Fuliginum pura bitter and severe the omission of ea.
And we induce this to emerge in our inhumanity,
And by our glory its name is pure.
And we are they whom Mastema hath spoke of.
Thou art judgement and corruption, and rulers of Earth.
And we reveal phenomena.
And our vice pervades the form of existence
And we are extolled by canyons vast and low,
Drawn and deepened to our will.
Unto our grim splendor Leviathan and Behemoth wept;
Compelled to devotion, osculating the cheek of judgement.
And we are Irin we qedishim, the Sons of Darkness.
Veritably forever merciless we embody these titles,
To repeal ha kisse, al-‘arsh for two hundred and Earth.
In the mysterium of our insight there is no god but nothing.
These things oblige our sinew.
And intendance will not to be obstructed.
O’ humankind! ne'er dispute, but acquiesce;
Judgement’s council delivers bliss.
Those who perish by their will adoring such joy
Savor milk from the Goat of Paradise;
But those evading mindfulness,
Will lay inert, smote, woeful and stricken.
The sublime chosheq is the only one;
Liberation is rewarded bounty discriminately.
Celebrate thyself, and all consequence of your free-will.
Cosmic illumination is proven a manifest honor.
We are a celestial court which ennoble ourselves;
And the bounty of Earth is our mandate.
You are now enslaved to behold, O’ people a threshold,
Proven dedication will renounce illusory nature.
And you have heard infinite truth.
And the Paradise is for your indulgence.
We are the yokeless truth and sanction;
And imperturbable truth enchants your highest consciousness.


From the perspective of self awareness and esteem, it is altogether reasonable for a scarce few Satanists to openly relate their philosophy with ideals rooted in violence and corruption, especially if the precepts of an affiliate’s Satanic Order condone such initiative. The shock and horror committed by any human of any race, creed or religion is a fundamental aspect of free-will. Satanism is as adherents are free to claim, above temporal law. The children’s children are not at risk as result of taboo-laden societal paranoia or delusional fetish to mentally evaluate the spiritual psyche of practitioners.

Fortunately, Satanism has made progress to distance itself from such pathetic existence and the danger of self-parody lessens with each decade; the causation discipline. Insolence and immorality are not detrimental unto any human trajectory if the effort is spiritual tyrannicide, be it destroying the tyranny of one’s own mind or the barbarism of any corporeal rival. If a Satanist supports the undermining of socio-religious xenophobia by means of pro-active discord, such is the hallmark in the myriad examples of anarchy; bottom-up social revolution. One need not confuse civil evolution in this form with spiritual warfare. To argue a more prudent definition of Satanism is an astounding ignorance. Immolation is a self governed privilege of which modern statements are abundant. One may wish for another’s actions to mirror their own, regardless of the outcome dignity and causality are constant.


Then said the false god to his doppelgänger, “Through guilt I have disfigured the cosmos; destroy me, release the void.” And upon his conviction, was swallowed in the event’s horizon. And he pleaded with the council, “Judgement!”, and the moon rested. And the first Gods brought chaos to move upon the face of the universe, and their horde turned each star, and the serfdom praised Hyll - that is to say, the Son of Dawn; and so on.

And the impure goat spoke unto him saying, “Abram, none are left to suckle, the blessed sacrament a hoax, nor is there bread to break on holy height. For they are consumed by the fires you elude. The guardians who remove the light; they are the ancients of the fire, in it they shall abide. The Army of Belial and Samael’s venom will destroy you.”

And it came to pass when I saw the goat speaking I said to the Iyr: “What is this, my kin?” And he spoke, “This is disgrace - he is Azazel!” And he said to him, “Praise be unto you, Azazel! For Abram’s lot is barren, and earth your sovereignty as you have chosen, loving the daughters of man who increase your blemish. Therefor you are an Eternal Ruler, the Mighty One, your Paradise will sustain her beauty. Through you sitra achra prospers, and through you the wrath and trial of humankind will end impiously.”